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roofguards snow load guard

plug n play for perfect monitoring

The snow load guard PP313 ist a complete system. Positioning, plugging - ready for use.

  • The snow load guard integrates all control ciruits incl. a  M2M-datacard which is used for data transmission.
  • Individual configured plug and play system - positioning, plugging - read for use.
  • System configurations (e.g. signals, alarms, status, RSS-feed, …) can be adjusted by a standard webbrowser on PC, tablet, smartphone.
  • Automatic pdf reports are send automatically to numerous recipients (e.g. … ). All settings can be adjusted freely.
  • Every snow load guard is locacted on maps incl. positioning data on the web interface.
  • Measurement and logging of the snow load in kg/m²
  • Easy and quick positioning, transfer, removal
  • No construction measurments on the roof needed
  • Integrated heating system for safe snow decoupling ensures permantent safe functionality
  • Multiple adjustable warning thresholds for individual static approach of roofs
  • Grafical display and convenient overview of all system in a google maps view


Preferred mounting system: Sherpal- self supporting

  • No penetration of roof needed
  • Modular design of the system
  • Wind load resistance calcualtions according to Eurocode
  • Quick and easy installation

For a quotation, please contact our partner roofguards or us directly.