[Translate to English:] Chemieversorgung in Edelstahl
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[Translate to English:] Solvent-Versorgung 200 Liter
[Translate to English:] Intelligente Komponentenauswahl zur Kostenoptimierung
[Translate to English:] Quick-Connector-Ablage
[Translate to English:] Qualitätslösungen
[Translate to English:] Be- und Entladung über Rollboden
[Translate to English:] Leitfähige Materialien
[Translate to English:] Qualität liegt im Detail
[Translate to English:] Day-Tank

Chemical supply system drum

Chemical distribution system in stainless steel

High quality components are used for this solvent distribution system for flammable chemicals. The main design aspect was the compact footprint, while optimal accessibility at the same time. Our high standard for quality is our credo:

  • Chemical distribution system for solvent chemicals
  • Ex-proof installation
  • Interruption free supply with daytank
  • Compact design
  • Additional filtration for high purity
  • Cost benefits due to targeted material use
  • Optimal accessibility
  • Easy drum change with roller floor
  • Electrical control in separate cabinet (incl. touchscreen, outside EX-zone)
  • Optional with internal control (incl. Ex-proof parts for the according EX-zone)
  • Automatic filter venting