Cleaning Equipment

To prevent the wafers being damaged during the wire sawing process a "Kit" is bonded to the silicon ingot. Debonding of the "Kit" is achieved by the above fully automatic system

System for etching glass substrates with H2SO4

Fully automatic wet bench

Fully automatic wet bench for the clean room with "foup" loading and unloading ports. The transportation of the wafers is "carrierless" to minimise chemical carryover.

  • Etch and cleaning process for semiconductor- and solar industry
  • Highest flexibility of process parameters
  • Reduce cost of ownership
  • High throughput at reduced footprint min 42m²/h silicon wafer
  • Carrier less transport inside the tool to reduce chemical contamination between process bathes
  • Different load and unload stations available. In this picture with FOUP docking and robot operation
  • Modular design for highest flexibility and reduced maintenance
  • Absolute process reliability
  • Clean room class 100