Sample port for chemicals with integrated safety barrier

Common sample ports had the problem, that contamination by the operator was possible. Pure samples are extremely important and therefore these have to be reliable, available and repeatable. Based on this insight, PUE Systems has designed a patented sample port, to eliminate those risks. The main principle is, to separate the operator from the sample stream by a solid barrier. Contamination is minimized and at the same time, the safety for the operator increased.

Procedure (see clip):

  • 1. rinsing the chemical tube - time „t1“ is started
  • 2. rinsing the chemical sample port with high purity water – time „t2“ is started
  • 3. loading the sample port with a sampling bottle + pushing start
  • 4. bringing the turning device  into sample position
  • 5. taking sample
  • 6. holding time (optional) – time „t3“ is started
  • 7. bringing the turning device back into removal position
  • 8. removing the sample bottle