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Compact wet-process cleaning system

We supply tools, which meet your exact requirement for cleaning, structure, etch or combined processes. By our modular design, we offer best process flexibility. We combine latest process technology with highest quality standards.

Just some of the advantages of our new compact wet-process cleaning system, used in Semiconductor- and Solar Industry.

  • Modular design for highest process flexibility
  • Process monitoring
  • Compact design, for highest performance on smallest space
  • Highest repeatability of process parameters at high volume output
  • Flexible carrier handling for multiple applications
  • Cleanroom class ISO3
  • Walk in working area designed as cleanroom ISO 3
  • Sample port with rinse function and safety barrier
  • Easy maintenance access
  • Ultrasonic basin
  • High temperature water basin
  • Acetone-cleaning basin
  • Nitrogen drying basin
  • Integrated manual working area