Distribution Equipment

Filter box with pumps, adapted to install on the wall.

Chemical distribution boxes

for shutting off a chemical supply to equipment or area. An O-Ring seal and plastic screws seals the PVC cover to maintain a liquid tight box.

Chemical / slurry distribution box

  • with exhaust connection, catch pan with leak detector for installation into a loop
  • prepared for hook up with PFA tubing inside PVC glass protection pipe
  • an O-Ring seal and quick release fasteners seals the PVC cover to maintain a liquid tight box

Valve Manifold Box "VMB" for Solvents

Stainless steel valve manifold box for flammable solvents, in connection with the solvent distribution system. The illustratedshown VMB is designed to be installed underneath the cleanroom floor.

Safety features: Leakage sensor.

Filterboxes with integrated lighting

Filterboxes with integrated lighting, box washing nozzle and a connection to flush the filters.