1992 – Foundation of "Puerstinger Kunststoffmontagen" in Austria (PUE-A)

At the beginning there was just a desk together with a phone/fax combination and a lot of work, when Mr. Alfred Puerstinger started his first company for chemical and high purity piping installation in 1992.

Job orders grew fast. Due to our great experience in pipe work for high purity chemicals and DI-water, more than one company location was needed soon.


1998 - Foundation of "Puerstinger High Purity GmbH" in Germany (PUE-G)

In 1998 the "Puerstinger High Purity Systems GmbH" was founded in Burghausen / Germany. The first company building had a working space of 460 m² and a 100 m² clean room. Additional to piping business, our new building space enabled us to open up a new product line. This new product was the design and manufacturing of equipments for the semiconductor industry.

Due to a large increase in new orders for our various equipments, we soon realized that we need a larger development and design department to handle the amount of new orders. Our company building was too small for expansion and we decided to build a second larger production and administration building just across the street. Since 2003 we are using the new building for production and administration.

In 2007 we already needed to expand our production space again, from ~ 1000 m² up to now 2000 m². Now we were able to separate metal from plastic production to prevent a cross contamination in our high purity equipments. For final assembling we have a separate production area, where everybody has to wear clean room gloves and shoes. In that area we are equipped with our house internal Di water supply system to do our commissioning tests before delivery.


2007 – Foundation of "PUE Systems Pte.Ltd. Singapore" (PUE-S)

Satisfied customers and growing market demand helped us to start „PUE-Systems Pte.Ltd.“ in Singapore in January 2007. PUE-S is responsible for service and marketing of equipment in the Asian market. Our already built and installed systems are continuously updated to the latest specification by PUE-S. Meanwhile also independent equipment will be designed and built together with local partners in Singapore.


2011 – Extension of the production- and manufacturing-facilities in Burghausen (PUE-G)

PUE-G has bought / rented additional production facilities in Burghausen (Gewerbepark Lindach B1) and is manufacturing and assembling in these new facilities since September 2011.


2012 – Foundation of "PUE-High Purity Systems Malaysia Sdn.Bhd." (PUE-MY)

To fee also the growing market in Malaysia we founded beginning of 2012 a new company closed to Kuala Lumpur. Now we are enabled to support our long related customers also in that region.


2013 – Official opening of the manufacturing facilities in Dresden (PUE-A)

To provide our customers with optimal support in Dresden, we already decided in 2011 to buy a manufacturing hall in Dresden. The existing building was restaurated and provided with the latest technology. There are new office rooms, a clean-room and also storage areas with their own measurement monitoring. In May 2012 we started with production.

The official opening was on the 27 september 2013, where also the 20th anniversary of the Puerstinger-group was celebrated together with customers, suppliers and business partners.



The PUE group employs at the moment (October 2013) about 125 workers and engineers. But we still work together with many approved subcontractors.
The group turnover amounts about 75 Mio. Euros in the years from 2009 to 2012.