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Slurry Recycling Station
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pre and fine filters
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sensor-controlled process control
Modern dosing technology

Slurry Recycling Station - part 2

A perfect surface finish is the target for production processes in the semiconductor industry. Extensive polishing processes such as CMP (Chemical Mechanical Polishing) or DSP (Double Side Polishing) determine the quality of the manufactured products. Highest precision, purity and costs are critical factors for success.

As a significant partner in the semiconductor industry is PUE systems with its developments always very close to the requirements of our customers. Considerable costs can be saved with our new Slurry Recycling Systems. Up until now, the abraded polishing slurry has to be disposed of and replaced during the polishing or planarizing process. With the compact Slurry Recycling System, which can be easily integrated into the polishing process, the used polishing slurry from the polishing tool can be collected and filtered. The PH- control determines whether the recycled slurry can be reused for a given time. Otherwise, the slurry is recycled by chemical "Spiking", mixed with fresh slurry and honed for a new polishing process. The dosage occurs automatically. Thanks to efficient slurry reclamation with low energy consumption, the valuable recycled substance can be economically reused. This not only reduces production costs, but also contributes significantly to reducing the impact on environmental pollution.

Slurry Recycling Station

Based on our experience and our own developed mixing and supply systems for various slurries, this innovative product was developed for the reprocessing of used slurry. The slurry recycling station from PUE systems is very compact and is designed as a Stand-Alone-Version. It is available as an Add-On for the polishing slurry and is situated on the maintenance level below the polishing machine, using gravity to fill the recycling system.

Puerstinger High Purity Systems supply and install complete solutions and customized special solutions for the entire production process from seed crystal through to the finished wafer. As a significant partner in the semiconductor industry, we cover a very broad spectrum and support the highly complex processes of our customers. For the semiconductor industry, we offer various Slurry Mix Systems and supply systems, such as CDS, including:

  • Oxide Slurry
  • Tungsten Slurry
  • Copper Surry
  • Tantalum Slurry
  • etc.