Slurry systems

Compact Slurry Mixing and Supply System. For preparation of slurry, two components will be mixed with DI-water. The slurry is stored in a buffer tank and then supplied to production via a loop pipe system. Two separate supply containers are loaded by sliding over rollers built into the base. The container connection can be accessed safely from outside via built-in chemical resistant protective gloves and a viewing window.

Polisher -mix-, and distribution system

Installed slurry mixing and distribution systems on site.

Modular slurry mixing and distribution system with dosing and mixing tank. Filtration and transfer pumps as well as a buffer tank and distribution pumps.

  • Mix, puffer, transfer and distribution module
  • Dosing by weight
  • Modular design allows an optimal space management
  • Accuracy < 0,5 %
  • Mix capacity 5400l/h

Both lapping slurry tanks are used alternately as mixing and distribution tanks. A centrally positioned centrifugal pump sucks the solid matter for a new slurry mix.