System housing in Atex design
Disposal container on the back
40khz ultrasonic cleaning basin

Stainless steel Wet Bench, integrable

for development of new processes and lab applications
suitable flat wall integration into cleanroom wall

  • tool housing built according to ATEX design rules
  • benchtop made out of stainless steel
  • integrated leakproof collection pan with leak sensor
  • 40khz ultrasonic bath
  • time preselection for ultrasonic function
  • temperature setpoint and control
  • integrated overtemp control in ultrasonic bath
  • integrated waste drum, accessible / changeable from rear side (greyroom)
  • pneumatic drainvalve for bath drain into waste drum
  • ATEX certified waste drum present sensor
  • ATEX certified waste drum level senor
  • N2 gun
  • DI-water gun with integrated recirculation
  • integrated bath rim exhaust
  • integrated tool exhaust for work and chem area individually adjustable with manual adjusting slides

Basicaly many version of manual wetbenches are possible. Configurations are based on customer request and demand.