Modular construction
Side carriage system
Easy access for maintenance work
Loading station
Ultrasonic cleaning bath

PUE-EC-1200 clean and etch system

The PUE-EC-1200 clean and etch system combines the latest process technology along with proven and reliable system “know how”. This provides an optimum of flexibility.
The modular design enables a system configuration according to your process and output needs. The integrated clean room technology ensures best results and cost reduction
due to smaller clean room requirements at the system output. Standardized clean-, etch-, rinse- and dry modules with PUE module design allows a system always ready for
the next generation.

System features:

  • Modular design for easy system extension always enables a future production rise - at low additional costs
  • Easy maintenance access
  • Product buffer at inlet and outlet of the system
  • Best rinse technology with QDR process
    Ultrasonic pre-cleaning
  • Fluid agitation chemical baths, temperature controlled.
  • Chemical spiking for highest chemical efficiency
  • Hot water and hot air drier
  • Fully integrated automatic grip wash and dry system
  • Oscillating bath agitation
  • Sample port with rinse function and safety barrier
  • Chemical spiking control loop based on abrasion
  • Reduced costs due to optimized chemical use
  • Integrated return transport for carriers by two lifting devices