Design & Development

Are you planning a modification, expansion or a new project for piping, distributing or disposal of chemicals? Or do you need new lab furnishing or process tools? You are in the right place!

We are a specialist company for chemical handling and we like to advice and support you in the workout of dimensioning and finding the right concept for your project. Whether you require chemical equipment, DI-water, gases or complex process tools we can provide a solution.

As a professional establishment the health and safety of your company employees have great importance to us by the implementation of your concept.We plan and realise modifications, extensions and improvements for your existing systems.

We develop P&ID according to your requirements. P&ID are the basis for a systems functional description and also important for the interaction of valves, filters and pumps.

Failure and alarm messages of various chemical systems can be clustered together. These messages can be visualised and controlled in the central process system.

The use of animated visualisation on the control panel eases the systems operation and controlling. Components in use are colored green, components not in use are colored in white and alarm- and failure messages are colored red.

Do you have questions?

We will be pleased to answer your questions or give you further information regarding our products immediately. Contact us:

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