Compact chemical supply for 2x25 to 2x35 liter containers
variable positioning of the modules
little space required with complete redundancy
variable positioning of the modules

Small container chemical supply made of stainless steel

Compact chemical supply for
2x25 to 2x35 liter containers

The new generation for small containers is built as standard as a mobile version for flexible placement.

Despite the small footprint, the chemical supply systems are completely redundant.
The control is designed in such a way that even two chemical suppliers can be controlled with one controller. In this case, one system works as the “master” and the second system as the “slave”.

For each chemical supply, 2 delivery containers can be loaded, from which the chemical supply then takes place fully automatically, whereby the system automatically switches to the second container when the first container is empty.
Alternatively, 2 different chemicals can be loaded into the small container supplier and thus 2 different chemicals can be supplied with one device via 2 pumps. The system is operated quickly and easily using a touch panel.
Quick connectors and a shelf are used for the quick and safe connection of the barrels.

The use of high-quality, chemical-contacting materials, PFA for wet chemistry and electropolished stainless steel for solvents guarantees the highest level of purity of the chemicals at the POU (point of use).
The housing consists of PP white plastic with transparent PVC doors, or of 1.4301 stainless steel for flammable liquids with safety glasses in an explosion-proof design.


  • Foot print: L x W x H = 1200 x 750 x 1430mm
  • 99,9 % availability
  • Roller floor for easy loading and unloading
  • Leak-monitored collecting tray with drain valve
  • Adjustable exhaust air
  • Optimal accessibility and visual inspection via the windows
  • Quick connector shelf
  • Automatic barrel switching
  • Particle and metal values better than SEMI standard
  • Optional installation of 10 “filter and redundant supply pump possible
  • Maximum flow up to 25 liters / minute
  • Pressure up to 3.5 bar

PUE Systems offers numerous in the field tried and tested solutions of "Facility Management". For the chemical, semiconductor, electronics and solar industries, collection stations for chemicals, supply and distribution systems as well as maintenance-friendly complete solutions are available, from delivery to processing and disposal, depending on the respective requirements for purity and volume flows.

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