300 liter day tank
Good accessibility
Extraction on the quick connector
High quality installation made of stainless steel
Stainless steel pumps
Sampling without interruption of supply
Sampling without interruption of supply
Level monitoring on the day tank

Solvent distribution system: stainless steel version - EX proof

Solvent distribution system made of stainless steel with 300 Liter daytank. Visualization and control is implemented by PLC and Touchscreen. The delivery container is located at the systems side: a separate exhaust guarantees a low local solvent concentration in air. Sample taking is possible, without interruption of FAB supply.

For solvent systems, there are special regulations regarding fire and explosion of chemicals. For this reason we developed our system consistently for the respective EX-zone. All internal devices have certification according to the necessary EX-zone. To minimize risk of spark discharge, all components are connected to mains earth.

Each supply line has its own pump and filter and is switched over automatically in case of failure. The use of high quality material for chemicals guarantee high purity at POU (point of use).

Safety features are:

  • EX-proof
  • Leakage sensor
  • Daytank levelsensors
  • Dryrun protection
  • Exhaust monitoring