Front view
Detail view

Manual laboratory wet bench

Development of new processes but also for production, manually operated wet benches are needed.
The shown wet bench is suitable for connection to the existing clean room ceiling.

Lighting and air supply via the clean room ceiling.

  • bench housing in PP white
  • working area as a perforated plastic sheet in PP white
  • integrated floor sump according to water resource act with leakage sensor
  • exhaust in the working and sub-area
  • adjustable exhaust air flap on the back of the bench for optimum air flow adjustment
  • exhaust air monitoring with visual and acoustic alarm message should the exhaust air fail
  • sink with Di water inlet
  • various connections for high-purity gases with quick couplings connectable at closed front door
  • pressure reducer for the high-purity gases can be operated from the control panel
  • electrically operated front door, opening upwards, with safety shutdowns via light barrier and touch sensor
  • a motion detector automatically closes the front door if no work is being done on the wet bench for a long period of time
  • switchable sockets within the wet bench can be switched from the outside at the control panel
  • main switches switch off all valves as well as the permanent-current wired front sockets for electrical consumers
  • electric control cabinet installed on the wet bench rear for service purposes
  • DI water gun in the working area (optionally with recirculation)
  • 1 vacuum tweezers

In general, a huge variety of configurations for manual wet benches are possible. The execution depends on the individual requirements and customer requirements.