Puerstinger at SEMICON 2023, 14 - 17 November, Booth B1561

This year we represent us again as an exhibitor during 14 - 17th of November at booth B1561 on the SEMICON, which takes place in Munich, with our partner mechatronic systemtechnik GmbH.

Beside our known products (for example chemical management and laboratory equipment...) we would like to introduce to you especially our know-how for Slurry-applications. Beside Slurry mixing and chemical dispense systems for chip manufacturer; PUE offers also Slurry systems for wafer manufacturer.

An innovation are Slurry-Recyclingsystems which allow huge cost savings for customer applications.

Based on already available Slurry system developments and our experiences acquired thereby we have extended our research and have developed a new innovative product for reprocessing of used Slurry. The recycled Slurry is added to the "Fresh-Slurry" and saves thus large amounts of required Slurry.

The system is compact and was designed as a stand alone version.

Such systems are installed on the supply level below the polishing machine to use the gravitation for the filling of the recycling system.

With pleasure we would like to introduce you this cost-saving system in details!

If you produce wafers, this innovation is exactly the right thing. If YOU start with the Slurry-Recyclingsystem you can save a competitive advantage. For our customers in the semiconductor industry we offer variable Slurry mixing and chemical dispense systems, e.g.:

  • Oxide Slurry
  • Wolfram Slurry
  • Copper Slurry
  • Tantalum Slurry
  • And much more